We are in the MIDDLE of NOWHERE!

Episode 139

We took a much needed soul rejuvenating trip to our friends farm up in Skaap Vlei. If you're wondering where that is.. don't worry.. we didn't know either until we go there (it's in the middle of nowhere) As you drive up the we

st coast of South Africa just past Lutzville you'll find a farm. This is where we spent the weekend and we enjoyed it so much we stayed an extra day. Complete isolation from technology.. meaning no cell phones (you couldn't even charge it) no television and being completely off grid. Made us reflect on what we really wanted out of life & that our decision to go sailing which can be very daunting at times because this is the time in our lives we're "supposed" to make a living and settle down has been the right choice and we couldn't be happier. Sometimes its good just to rewind again and reflect on what you truly value and appreciate. Good company & nature.. it can't get better than this!

Music Used:

00:00: 7 Years to Life- Pastis

04:28: A Thousand Years- Ten Towers

09:42: Beauty in the Mundane- Bird of Figment

16:22: City Rain City Sleep- The Eastern Plain


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