Episode 140:

As time is flying by and the clock is ticking, we are starting to feel the pressure to leave South Africa. The travel ban provincially has been lifted in South Africa and it's only about time that the you will be able to travel internationally, which means we have to get Lady Africa's butt into gear and get her prepped and ready for the day that we can leave (weather dependent as well obviously..) Before we got started on the bigger tasks we needed to do the smaller ones.. meaning give the boat a thorough wash! (There was still manganese coming off) 😂 Cleaned the shower bilge pump & finish all the varnishing I had to do. Next tasks was one I required Ricky's knowledge for.. converting our toilet to a salt water toilet.. (YAY let's save water) We still have the option of fresh water when we are in marina's or in places where we don't really want to flush our toilet with the provided water (estuaries etc) Then we got down to installing our accumulater tank so that we could minimize the strain on our fresh water pump that supplies our galley as we all know how quickly those pressure switches go on water pumps. We just need to install one in our head and all will be well. We got a few other things completed to but you'll just have to wait and see in our next episode what that exactly is..

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