Episode 145 : We are so close to having all our boat jobs that are required to have completed the rebuild of Lady Africa, the rest would just be upgrades and maintenance. ;) We serviced our hydraulic steering, ran a fresh water flush system for our water maker and installed a salt water tap in the galley to help conserve water when washing dishes. Every bit counts. Yes we have a water maker but we really would like to have water where we feel absolutely necessary. To shower and drink. We also added in a nice latch for our head door to keep it shut during passage while you're in the shower so that the door doesn't just slide open on you. We also took a trip to Robben Island. Never having been there before we decided we needed to go there before we leave because we don't know when we will have the opportunity to do it again. It was a lot different than we expected and the island itself had so much history to it that we also had never heard about. It was quite fascinating.

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