Can we get a BREAK!?

EP: 160: Can we get a BREAK!?

After an amazing day anchored off Clifton Beach, it was time to head out and test our sails. As you guys know a while ago we bought brand new sails from ULLMAN Sails but were never able to head out and go test them. The day had finally arrived. We were super happy with the sails and can't wait to see how much more efficient we are gonna be and if we gain some speed as well 😜 All fun and games we ran into a bit of a problem with our inner fore stay, after trouble shooting for a while we came to the conclusion that the fore stay is indeed... a goner!! After trying to source a new one for what felt like a week we finally found one.. which was then sold to someone else 😒 Thank goodness to associated rigging for saving our butts with a second hand (almost new) inner fore stay. We feel so much better now knowing that we will be able to use our jib sail. Now we just need to get our insurance sorted out and wait on NAMIBIA! (NAMIBIA please OPEN UP!!)

"Sometimes when we take a break, we may find that solutions then present themselves"- Catherine Pulsifer

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