Episode 141: Becoming Pigeon Whisperers?

As we await our borders to open up as well as Namibian borders we opted to get some sight seeing done + a few boat tasks at hand. We wanted to vented the area where our inverter is just to reduce the amount of heat in the cabinet. We went to Company Gardens here in Cape Town to feed the pigeons and squirrels (who knew we were secretly becoming pigeon whisperers) yeah right... they just wanted bread and peanuts 😂 We also went wine tasting (I WAS SO EXCITED) I've always wanted to come to Cape Town for wine tastings (in case you didn't know.. the Western Cape is notorious for their wine) we had so much fun but it was back to work for us. Ricky is doing the finishing touches on some installations he has going on here and I started spring cleaning (it's spring here in South Africa now) and organizing the boat a bit to prepare her to store a ton of food!

See ya next week!! xx

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