Another BOAT WORK Video! ⚓

Episode 146: My family came to visit & what do we do? Put them to work 😂😂 We changed up the swivel system on our anchor, tensioned up the forestay and rigging. Hung up some ties to neaten up our cockpit but then amongst all of this our head fresh water pump decided that it's pressure switch no longer wanted to work which means we had to replace that as well. It's always good to invest in a better product we have learnt aboard Lady Africa. Cheaper definitely doesn't mean better 🤣 We also decided to take a trip to Stellenbosch to visit family friends and went to Ernie Els Wine Farm. It was stunning and the food was even better. Ricky even managed to hit a "almost" hole in one. Covid has really been messing us around lately. As we finally got started on our sailing journey we got stopped dead in our tracks.. It's been a really long journey and we didn't give up before and we won't give up now. We have heard we will need to do a two week quarantine in Namibia upon arrival.. then we hear no.. we don't need to we just need covid tests and everything is just such a mess at the moment we are unsure if we are going to be leaving beginning of November.. we will have to see. Only time and weather will tell.

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