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What Boat Do We Have?

We purchased a old abandoned 1991 365 Dean Oceanliner Catamaran. She wasn't in a sail-able state and was more a  bar than sailboat. We were definitely a little in over our heads when we purchased here as we look back on our journey but we managed to make her the lady she is today and learnt so much along the way. It took us 2 years to do the complete restoration. We gutted her to bare hulls and rebuilt every little thing we have on the boat today. You can follow our journey by clicking on the play list on YouTube.. (watch from the beginning) Once she was ready to sailw e sailed her to Cape Town, South Africa to check out and then got stuck in COVID 19 Lock down for a year.. Once the borders were somewhat open we decided it was time to do our Atlantic crossing to the Caribbean.. Where Lady Africa currently resides.

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