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Who are we?

Ricky was born on March 28,1990 and grew up in a town called Witbank, South Africa. He has an older brother Claudio. He also spent a few of his primary school days (elementary school for the Americans) in Mozambique with his mom when his parents split up but returned back to Witbank for his High School Education. Once he matriculated he went to pursue studying Mechanical Engineering which he also completed his post grad in composites. (That sure made building the boat a lot easier) He also grew up working with his dad in his dad's construction company and learnt the trade of civils. (That also benefited our boat building 😜) Ricky and I started dating back in 2010, lived together since 2012 and got married in 2016. After completing a project up in Durban and returning back from our honeymoon Ricky & I decided it was time to spread our wings and go sailing.. the only problem is.. how are we going to afford a boat we want to live in?

Simone was born on May 19,1993 and grew up all over. I have two older brothers Russel and David.  I grew up in a little town called Volksrust until i was about 6. Moved to Newcastle for primary school and was there for four years. Moved to Ballito for a year and then my family packed our bags and moved to the USA.. California to be exact. We lived there for 4 years but unfortunately my father passed away and we were forced to move back.. My family and I moved to Pretoria here in South Africa and i finished my high school education and that's when I met Ricky. I decided to pursue a career in Psychology and went on to complete my Post Grad.  (Masters & PHD still to go.. ) Our dream was always to travel so we took the leap of faith and have been at it ever since. I can always go back and study but my health and time on earth is not a guarantee so you have to make the best of it. 

Whats next..

After purchasing our old catamaran and refurbishing here which tok us 3 years to do, we set sail from Cape Town, South africa to the Carribean, we will be hanging around here for a while so be sure to follow our adventures.

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